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  • Connecting You With Judith Dowling

    Jungian analyst Judith Dowling visits us November 16, 2018 to facilitate a discussion and inquiry into the nature of the shadow. It promises to be a well-attended and enriching event; register now! A critical part of Jungian analysis is getting to know our shadow. Most of us are afraid of doing this. It’s frightening and often painful […]

  • Join the WCAJA Study Group

    Take your exploration of Jungian Psychology deeper with a unique study group offered by the Western Canadian Association of Jungian Analysts in Victoria. The study group is intended for anyone who is interested in learning, sharing in discussions, and grappling with C. G. Jung’s fundamental concepts in his body of writings. The course will also include post- Jungian writings. Group […]

  • Connecting You: Return to Earth with Karen Hodges

    Jungian analyst Karen Hodges explores the importance of nature to our psyche at our November lecture and workshop, which will be held at the Best Western Plus Village Park Inn. Read our Q & A to prepare for a lively discussion. Why did Jung believe it was vitally important for everyone to have a relationship with […]

  • Connecting You with Matthew Kelly

    Jungian analyst Matthew Kelly ‘dumpster dives’ in the psyche, exploring how unconscious attitudes, defense mechanisms and collective beliefs influence our dissociative tendencies toward outer waste at our October lecture and workshop.  When there are so many pressing environmental and social issues today, why waste? What made you decide to explore psychological issues around waste? Exploring and making […]

  • Connecting You with Jeffrey Kiehl

    In our first lecture and workshop of the season, Jungian analyst and senior climate scientist Jeffrey Kiehl explores climate change and how to heal the split with our animate world.  Register today.   Connecting You Q & A How does Jungian psychology suggest we deepen our connection with Nature? There are a number of ways […]

  • Your Elusive Creative Genius

    Jungian Analyst David Pressault discusses inspiration and creativity at our April event and workshop. We asked David why is it that inspiration and creativity are often associated with madness? (Think Vincent Van Gogh, Frankenstein etc.) Where does the “tortured soul” artist figure come from? Why are artists often portrayed as volatile, troubled geniuses? David suggested this excellent […]

  • Connecting You: Inviting the Muse with David Pressault

    Dancer and Analyst David Pressault takes on that illusive energy called inspiration at our next monthly gathering, April 21-22. Read our Q & A and come prepared to be inspired!   Why is inspiration illusive and unpredictable for many of us? First, inspiration is invisible and so we aren’t always aware when it’s there. Also, […]

  • What Dreams Know That We Need Today

    Columbia University Professor William R. Stimson first became interested in his dreams when he was trying to write a novel, and discovered that he wasn’t creative. A scientist by training, he decided to explore his dreams as a way to find his creativity. This exploration lead to a reconciliation with his long estranged father, and then […]

  • Connecting You: Mae Stolte and the In-Between Space

      Jungian Analyst Mae Stolte dives into the “in-between space” at our next monthly gathering, March 24-25. Read our Q & A to get a taste of what the weekend will hold. What drew you to the topic of the “in-between space”? A few years ago I gave a lecture on the Void, focusing more […]

  • No really, who are you?

      Who are you? No, really, who are you? Turn your attention toward the essence of who you are –– who each of us is personally, and always has been, in a special workshop for Friends of Jung who have read Jung’s Memories, Dreams and Reflections. Friday night’s short talk sets the stage for Sunday’s experiential workshop. Come with curiosity […]