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  • Warrior Goddess

    In a recent panel participation at the Calgary Jung Society, I mentioned that Inanna, a fourth millennium BCE deity of Sumer, was a warrior goddess. Several people picked up on that and wanted to know more about the female warrior. Here are bits of Inanna’s story through which a feminine modus operandi begins to emerge.  […]

  • Izabela Bienko, Calgary Jung Society Librarian writes:

    2020 has presented opportunities to explore the digital world and connect like we haven’t before. Under special circumstances, people respond to their need for connection and purpose in unique ways. The Calgary Jung Society has also made efforts to accommodate its membership through online delivery of courses, workshops, lectures, and book clubs. Usually, in-person events […]

  • Message from Monique Gibeau, President of the Calgary Jung Society

    Message from Monique Gibeau, President of the Calgary Jung Society I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.  – Carl Jung As any change must begin somewhere, it is the single individual who will experience it and carry it through. The change must indeed begin with an individual; it might […]

  • Connecting You with Cliona Dickie

    Cliona Dickie joins us March 13th, 2020 to discuss with us the Jungian concept of persona. To help get you excited about Friday night’s lecture, Cliona was kind enough to answer a few introductory questions. Could you briefly describe the relationship between Shadow and Persona?  Persona is the image we turn toward the world. It is a […]

  • Post Shadows

    Out of the Shadows: Toni Wolff and Emma Jung A Dramatic Reading In September of 2019, we held a Members Appreciation Night. At that time, a call went out for auditions to participate in a dramatic reading of Elizabeth Clark-Stern’s play script “Out of the Shadows: A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung.” Rehearsals […]

  • Tributes to Daryl Sharp

    A Personal Tribute to Daryl Sharp by Peggy Voth Daryl Sharp, founder and general editor of Inner City Books in Toronto, passed away on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, at the age of 83. He was one of the first Jungian analysts in Canada and a founding member of OAJA, the only training program in Canada. […]

  • Out of the Shadows: A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung

    This year, following a short Annual General Meeting, the Calgary Jung Society is presenting a unique performance, a readers’ theatre of Elizabeth Clark-Stern’s play Out of the Shadows: A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung. This play not only explores the relationship between Toni Wolff (Jung’s paramour) and Emma Jung (Jung’s wife) over 40 […]

  • Connecting You with Dr James Hollis

    Dr James Hollis joins us November 9th, 2019 via Zoom to discuss with us his new book Living an Examined Life: Wisdom for the Second Half of the Journey and some of the issues that arise from living an examined life. Welcome Dr Hollis! There  seem to be many people out there who seem to be […]

  • Connecting You with Susan Meindl

    Susan Meindl, MA, psychologist, joins us October 18th, 2019 to share with us her expertise on highly sensitive people (HSP), introversion, and sensitivity as special ways of experiencing life. It promises to be an interesting evening with opportunity for questions and a workshop the next day. Register here for the Friday evening lecture. Welcome Susan! […]

  • Audition Notice!

    Emma Jung and Toni Wolff Audition Notice! We are looking for readers! Following the meeting at our AGM on January 24, 2020, a staged reading of Elizabeth Clark-Stern’s “Out of the Shadows: A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung” will be given. Emma was the wife of Carl Jung and the mother of his […]