Tag: Jungian

  • Connecting You with Susan Meindl

    Susan Meindl, MA, psychologist, joins us October 18th, 2019 to share with us her expertise on highly sensitive people (HSP), introversion, and sensitivity as special ways of experiencing life. It promises to be an interesting evening with opportunity for questions and a workshop the next day. Register here for the Friday evening lecture. Welcome Susan! […]

  • Connecting You with Stacey Shelby

    Stacey Shelby, PhD an author, speaker and depth psychotherapist visits us on February 15, 2018, to present on the topic of Individuation: What it Means to Become Whole and In-Divisible. It promises to be an interesting evening with the opportunity for questions and book signing; register now! A key process in Jungian analysis is individuation. […]